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    Construction Services in Massachusetts

    No matter how complex the project, Milton Constructions tailor each approach to the individual needs of the client. From foundations or renovations to design assistance and construction services, our team approaches each project with unparalleled focus and dedication.

    Serving Customers All Over Massachusetts

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    To provide the best overall experience throughout the life of a project, we implement the following strategy:

    – Work in Partnership With Our client and Design Partners
    – Foster Teamwork on Every Level of The Project
    – Commitment to Integrity and Professionalism
    – Prioritize On-site Job Safety
    – A Family-owned Company
    – A Personalized Approach

    How We Provide Construction Services

    Step 1: Call or Email
    The process starts when you call or email. Our team begins gathering relevant information, making suggestions, and educating homeowners from the very first call. Then, We schedule a complimentary, professional consultation to determine how the project will fit within the desired investment amount and a cost range is developed.

    Step 2: Design Phase
    We design your remodeling project so you can better envision the look and function of your space and we can provide you with a written construction cost proposal based on your specific project variables. We work with you and our suppliers to finalize materials or get optional pricing on specific materials.

    Step 3: Customer Approval
    Once you approve and sign the contract for the construction project and materials, we schedule your remodeling job based on the estimated arrival of the materials and our schedule.

    Step 4: Work Begins
    We set up protection for finished floors, as well as dust control curtains. We strive to keep your home as clean as possible during the work process. At the end of each day we perform a rough clean to the workspace. We straightened up other work areas as well. Throughout the work, we make sure we are communicating our progress with you to ensure continued work flow. If at any time we discover an issue we will cease work on that particular issue and communicate with you immediately. Together we determine the best way to move forward and work resumes.

    Step 5: Completion
    Upon completion, we remove all construction tools and thoroughly clean the remodeled rooms. Final payment will then be due and we always appreciate letters of recommendation and referrals to your friends, family and neighbors.